They [Hollywood] pound you over the head with these messages and then there’s nothing left. There’s no margin of the undefined; it’s all there for you. In all my favorite films there’s always something missing. Something to make me curious. I wanted to do that with ‘Kids.’ I think one of the reasons why everyone’s so angry is because it doesn’t give you a definitive YES or NO — this is bad, this is good. If you have any kind of sense you’ll take away some kind of message, but if you can’t see past the shock, you’re not going to get anything.” —Harmony Korine

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Joachim Lehrer knows the reality and chooses the dreams. He drove lorries for his living in two years of business. After that he studied electrical engineering, changed to the realm of german philology, history of art and rhetoric, began to work in the silence, since 1983 he lives as free artist.

He paints minute: exact, patient, carefully. He applies glazes, layer by layer with transparent stale. Not a layer covers another.

Light will be catched, depth convey. Mobile technic is an object, however his automotices reached their final destination. Wrecks in photo realistic nature? Certainly not, Lehrers nature derive from a fairy world. Past masterly he paints with details, combines with fantastic landscapes: surreal, odd, gorgeous.


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Artist painter Camille Hagner was born 1961 in Zürich, Switzerland.

Hagner developes his painting cycles by searching for clues in the past. For his oil paintings the artist combines motives of historical paintings or photographs with his own picture imaginations and creatures as well as with contemporary topics such as technology or aerospace. Hagner creates ambivalent, strange visual spaces, in which humans, animals and machines merge to timeless views. The artist lives and works in Switzerland. via


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